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A Midsummer Night's Dream Education Pack

A Midsummer Night's Dream Education Pack by Lyric Theatre

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A Midsummer Night's Dream Resource Pack

A Midsummer Night's Dream Education Resource Pack by Lyric Theatre. Resource for attendees of Lyric's Accessing Shakespeare workshops

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Celc helps teachers and artists work together to develop pupils’ literacy and numeracy skills through the expressive arts. Whatever your subject specialism or artform, this Toolkit is full of inspiring ideas, useful links and practical guidance to support your class to meet the requirements of the National Literacy and Numeracy Framework (LNF) in new, fun and engaging ways. For artists and teachers.


A more creative approach to education

Learning by rote struggles to get the best results when transforming today's pupils into tomorrow’s innovative workforce. By developing a less formal style of teaching, youngsters can flourish in the classroom.


Identifying and supporting MAT art pupils

Criw Celf Pupil's Experiences

Criw Celf Skills Development

My Primary School is at the Museum

My primary school is at the museum is a project which was developed by the Cultural Institute at King’s College London against a backdrop of threatened museum services, a shortage of school places, and ever growing evidence to support the range of benefits of learning in cultural environments and through collections. It tested the benefits of co-locating primary and nursery school classes for extended periods of time within a museum. The project began with an idea conceived by architect Wendy James: to one day see the creation of a permanent museum-school.

Secret Life of Objects Learning Resource Pack

Resource developed by the Arts & Education Network South East Wales

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